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We’re a smart home brand with a soft spot for nature. Our goal has always been to improve the world through innovation.

With so many products centered around home, we wanted to create home products centered around you.
Showcasing wellness, technology, and personalization, we’ve got just the thing for everyone. Imagine home, your way.

At Baytrunk, we are proud that the quality of our products, wide variety of options, customer service, and the strength of our brand continue to be preferred by consumers. And we're committed to helping make your day a little easier and more creative at breathing the fresh air.

Baytrunk designs, markets, and distributes a wide variety of home appliances. Our portfolio includes more than 10 categories, among the most representative is air purifiers and many others. All products go through a series of lab tests before leaving the warehouse. This ensures the best quality control on the market.

Baytrunk's great ideas have inspired our fans and customers to ask why I didn't think of that sooner. But not only do we want to give you good ideas to make life a little easier in your home, but we also want to accompany you in your daily experiences. We want to be by your side from breakfast to the last tea before bed. We want to give you the support you need, helping you save time and effort so that you can enjoy valuable time with your family and loved ones instead.

We want you to enjoy the process as much as the result, that you try what you thought you couldn't, that you enjoy everything from a great weekend family meal to the last sip of your coffee on your workdays. We want to accompany you in your daily work, making it lighter and more enjoyable.

We wish to go into our customers' life, to be your friends, to help when needed, to be your roomies.


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