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Does the Baytrunk air purifier use ions or UV light to purify the air?

No, the Baytrunk air purifier does not use ionizer or UV light technologies to purify the air. Instead, it uses a filtration system to effectively filter allergens from your air.


Are air purifiers that emit ions harmful to my health?

The emission of ions can produces certain harmful particles to human health, and those with serious allergies may be irritated by even small amounts.


Why does my air purifier stop sucking in air?

While Baytrunk air purifier has a fine pre-filter, it's important to occasionally vacuum it to extend its life. You can check if pet fur&hair stuck in the air inlet, which will also block the holes on the device.


How often does the filter need to be changed and what is the cost?

Every 6 to 8 months. And you can find the replacement filter on


How do I determine how long I need to use it?

If the light is green, it means the air is good and you can turn off the air purifier. If the indicator light is yellow, it means the air quality is average, and if the indicator light is red, it means the air quality is poor.


Does this unit have a warning light that tells you when it's time to replace the filter?

Hi there, the air purifier does have Filter Change Indicator, notifying you when it is time for a fresh filter and ensuring the purifier maintain peak performance.


How does this do with wildfire smoke?

This air purifier's true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter will definitely help filter smoke particles from the air.


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