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100% Hassle-Free Service

For a better user experience and ensure the quality of our products, we do test each of our products before shipping.

For any reason, if you are not satisfied with the Baytrunk brand manufactured product, you can simply reach us for REPLACEMENT or SUPPORT. Good communication is the best solution to any problem.


Price Protection

Price protection means that if the price of the same product is reduced on the Baytrunk website (excluding the discount related to the payment method), you can submit an application for price protection and Baytrunk will give you an amount equal to the difference.

The same commodity refers to the commodity number, commodity brand, commodity specifications, commodity model, commodity color, commodity packaging, commodity sales method (including but not limited to the minimum purchase unit, the number of single purchase, whether there are gifts) and other commodity attribute parameters are identical, any one of the commodity attribute parameters change, are not the same commodity, do not support price protection.


Extreme After-Sales Service

If you submit an application for return or exchange within 15 days from the date of receipt, Baytrunk will complete the processing of the customer's after-sales issue within 48 hours from the time the application is successfully submitted.

This service is only for some areas of the specified goods, the specific page logo shall prevail when the application for return service is submitted successfully.


Accident Protection Related Knowledge Points

Accidental protection mainly refers to the fall and touch tube repair. It is for the user to purchase the handheld vacuum cleaner in the normal use of the process due to the accident caused by the failure of the goods function to provide value-added services of repair or replacement, some of the original after-sales service does not guarantee the unexpected problems for the user to provide protection services.


After-Sales Service to Home

"After-sale to home" is Baytrunk for customers to provide a free pick-up, original factory overhaul of the special experience services.

If there are quality problems with the goods, only through the network or telephone to submit a service demand application, Baytrunk will provide telephone technical support, door-to-door pickup, the original factory authorized to test and repair the service content.

Eliminate the trouble of sending you out to repair, self-testing, etc., to provide you with easy, efficient and worry-free after-sales protection.

Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you encounter any problem.


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